estructuración de verbos en un texto dado



Teniendo en cuenta las características que presentan los verbos al ser conjugados en el tiempo presente afirmativo, agregue ES-IES-S según corresponda y después, interprete todo el texto para comprender su significado.


Yomaira Gomez, Edward Escudero, and Evelio Ossa all speak (               ) foreign languages and have

(               ) interesting jobs at the Frontino Gold Mines.


Yomaira Gomez speak (               ) Chinese fluently. She is a translator at the Frontino. She translate

(         ) letters from Chinese to English.   She like (                 ) to speak English all the day. After work, She go (         ) home and relax (                ) She read (            ) the newspapers and watch (            ) TV in French. She cook (            ) very well. She eat (              ) rice  and meat. She study (               )in the morning and work (              )on Saturdays and Sundays, too. She dance (                 ) with her friends and boyfriend, too.


Edward Escudero speak (                  ) Portuguese and Spanish . He is a guide at the Frontino Gold Mines. He work (                   ) on weekends. During the week, Mr. Escudero is a student. He is studying English and business. He also play (                ) the guitar, swim (                ) and play (                 ) tennis. He buy (               ) English books and he like (                 ) to visit the touristics place.


Evelio Ossa speak (                  ) He is not a translator, and he is not a guide He manage (                ) the bookstore. He sell (                  ) books about different countries and cultures. Mr. Ossa is a singer, too. On weekends, he sing (               ) in a club. He sing (               ) in English and Italian and he play (            ) soccer and volleyball. He like (                    ) to go to the beach with his wife and daughters. He have

(        ) two daughters. They study (                  ) in a public school. They go (        )  every day. They like the pop-music and they buy (              ) t-shirts and shoes. They  play (          ) basketball and they sing

(               )in Spanish. They work at home with their friends and they are studying German.




 Fluently: con fluidez. Bien, muy bien.

Letters: cartas, letras

Newspapers: diarios, periódicos

Every day todos los días

All the day: todo el día

Bookstore. Librería

Daughters: hijas

About: acerca de, de, alrededor de

Translator: traductor-a

Home: casa, hogar

Also: también, además

Their: su, sus, cuando se habla de ellos-as  

After: después, después de, luego.

On weekends: los fines de semana

Business: negocios, comercio

Countries: países, campos

His: su, sus, cuando se habla de él



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